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February 10th 2019 - Institutional Positions & Supply and Demand for the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of January 8th, 2019!

I get asked all the time how long it will take to get through the “course” material here at the University. It will take many hours to watch all the video lessons and classroom sessions we’ve done so far but it’s one thing to watch a video and another to actually do the work needed to apply the lessons and create skills from the energy you invest. I think people have heard too many times that a courses can be completed in so much time and this will lead to success in the markets and this is done to make you think that all you have to do is the bare minimum and you can achieve success. Truth is this is not possible. Nothing that you do the bare minimum of will ever lead to anything substantial and only when you come to terms with this and realize you have to really invest some hard time in this endeavor and really put your best efforts in before ever seeing any positive result, then you will be on the right track.

How long does it take? I would say 5 – 10 years of hard work! This is a profession, sure you can do it on the side as a part time job but realize the difference between a professional athlete and one who practices occasionally and plays in local leagues. You get what you put in and this job requires a lot of work in order to get good results. It is my hope to make people understand this and with this understanding comes the foundation for discovering the truth about trading and how to reach sustainable success that can provide great financial stability and success for you and your family for many years to come.

There have been many students that have enrolled in our education and discovered the truth of the work that is involved, they have left to find easier ways to find success in trading only to find themselves back at the school with the realization that the easier ways don’t lead to anything substantial. They should be very proud of themselves to come to this realization because we all know the markets are full of those that haven’t!

📊 In the Markets: We have a very solid theme playing out in the markets and the data releases we had this week strengthened this theme further. Although the #dollar and $eurusd have been extremely difficult to read over the last couple months, what we are seeing play out on the other markets has become very clear. We have looked at the technicals and examined the supply and demand from the institutions and with a greater understanding of market dynamics we knew that certain moves in price were to be expected but with this recent influx of data it has only solidified these expectations further by showing us how the institutions have been positioning themselves throughout.

When we look at #gold and the some of the other pairs we examined in this report below we can clearly see that the institutions have been preparing themselves for larger moves that are expected to come. There is clearly a bias for #dollar strength that we can see evident on the $usdchf, $usdjpy and the $usdcad. This will lead us to believe that weakness is what is to come on the $audusd, $eurusd and $nzdusd. The $gbpusd is the most difficult chart to read because it is in the middle of major demand and supply so it can go anywhere but with this major them in play in the markets it will lead us to suspect we might see if move lower on the charts.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the markets because this is the start of some very promising moves. We have waited very patiently for this moment and now it is among us. There is still some time for certain phases to pass on some of the charts until the larger moves take place so they will present some institutional signals to take advantage of. Have a look at the analysis on the majors down below and be prepared for the moves that are to come and more importantly make sure you understand what’s taking place here and study the data so that you learn how the institutions adjust their positions as these phases play out. Very key!

Magic Trader!



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