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Exclusive access to the LIVE FOREX Outlook Session for July 4th 2019

Today is Independence Day which is a big holiday for our neighbours to the south The United States of America and in celebration of this holiday we are opening our doors to provide you an exclusive access to our LIVE Forex Market Outlook session only made available to the students at White Oak Trading University!

When is it?

Today, Thursday at 12pm EST

Don't know what time that is for you, use this site:

How do you join? Use this link to register:

What do we do in this session? We analyze the supply and demand of the institutions who are the forces that are moving the markets and determine what they are doing and what their plan is likely to be with price. We will also examine some great trading opportunities that are presenting themselves to jump on board alongside the institutions positions.

We don't usually offer this access to the public so today is your chance to get a glimpse of our unique approach to the markets and get an insiders view of what is really taking place!

See you then!

🎩 Magic Trader!


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