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December 5th 2019 - Institutional 🏦 Positions & Supply/Demand for Gold, Oil and the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of November 26th 2019!

📊 In the Markets: As we head towards the Christmas holidays, we expect to see some volatility. Many times we’ve noticed that during these times when many are on holidays, because of the lower liquidity, we can see some unusual moves take place. We have to be careful during these times because what we expect to happen at times just may not happen and this is because of the fact that the markets are more likely to move in unexpected ways with less involvement from participants.

We are seeing some bearishness on the #dollar form and we are hearing some talk from #trump that could be making retail traders think there will be a large drop coming. Keeping our focus, we can see that the weekly ascending trend is still holding and as long as it does, we can’t think that a drop will form. We must stick with the strong evidence we have and rely on its authenticity unless the markets show us something different.

#Gold has rallied, but then again, this was to be expected with higher timeframe forces coming into play. Nonetheless, our analysis has unveiled some very strong evidence to suggest a move lower will take place. We also have the market dynamics that are currently in place that suggest this and unless they change, we have no reason to believe anything different. We have to remain calm and have our emotions in check this month because they will be tested.

Overall, some nice moves are taking place and our portfolio is looking strong.

🎩 Magic Trader!

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