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As we enter the world of options trading, we see how incredible our analysis process is. Using our Sherlock Analysis Process we were and are able to find excellent trading opportunities even in the options market. The process allows us to KNOW the market moves in advance.

The figure above shows one of our trades made on Moderna (MRNA), using a call option with strike price of 350 and expiration date of Jan 21st, 2022. This trade is already in profits since our signal for entry was spotted early. By the time the strike price is hit, our profits will be massive and once we see signs of structures breaking down on the lower time frames, it will be exercised for profits.

Another great trading opportunity was found on Roblox Corporation (RBLX). As mentioned in our latest Araujo Report, our entry was under $5 and now its at $35 or thereabout. That's and ROI of 775%. How incredible is that!

Another great opportunity was identified on $FB #facebook. The figure below show price shifting momentum from the weekly 🏦Institutional 🟢Buying zone! This clear call option purchased at the precisely located demand zone, produced another excellent winner.


These incredible opportunities coupled with our amazing analysis process will surely yield massive returns on our investments. The ones mentioned above are just a few of the winners. Using our supply and demand concepts and principles, the trading opportunities are limitless. Identifying supply and demand zones, as well as trend lines are very critical for successful trade signals.

Feel free to join us on our journey to massive success and wealth as we take advantage of opportunities in both the currency and options market.


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