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Your success is found in your studies!

Our analysis classes have been very popular these days and it is so exciting to see our school grow each and every week. I sense people are starting to see the magic that exists in the markets and how we can tap into the magic to provide positive returns for our portfolio’s and the portfolios of others. It is so rewarding for me to see the progression our students are making and to see their skills being built slowly. As I am always say, there is no shortcut to acquiring these skills and these skills are what is necessary to becoming successful in this profession. Part of the skills you need to acquire is your ability to think logically and this ability will only come as a result of you putting in the work watching the lessons, journaling and then applying your knowledge to the charts over and over again and this process will begin to build on your knowledge of what is taking place in the markets. You will start to see things and understand things that you could have never before.

Some students join because they are only interested in the trading signals we provide and this is completely the wrong mentality you should have. These signals are to show you what a signal looks like in terms of the chart condition and the sentiment we gather from the #COT report analysis. There are many components that are necessary for a trade signal to be valid and understanding these components is essential for you to find your own trades and having the confidence to hold onto them and let them play out. If you are too focused on trades at the early stage in your learning, you will completely miss their purpose and you will be undervaluing their true purpose and potential.

Stay focused on your work, acquiring your skills, learning the valuable lessons and you will be transformed into a true professional trader!

Kevin Araujo


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