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"Your passion for this work is very admirable!"

Updated: Apr 17, 2020


hey Kevin.

I think I've only been a member for about a week but I want to say that I am really enjoying the education that you are providing. I feel like you are actually teaching us how to literally read the market the same way we would read a book. It's quite amazing. I also want to thank you for what you have created, and still continue to create for that matter. It's apparent that you have put an emense amount of work into learning this craft and then apparently that wasn't enough work, you go and put together a whole education platform around your knowledge to share it and educate others. My hat's off to you my friend. Your passion for this work is very admirable.



Hi PG,

Thanks for your very kind email to me. I am happy to hear that youโ€™ve been enjoying the process and the educational content. Yes reading a chart is very much like reading a book, that is very perceptive of you to notice that. This is my passion and I love teaching it and I am driven to achieve utmost perfection when it comes to understanding and trading the markets. The journey was long and it continues forward but receiving feedback from gentleman like yourself, makes it so worth it. I am very blessed to have a happy life so it allows me to be focused on building the school with the best resources, analysis and content that could possibly be put together and I know this is something I have been allowed to do by the grace of God.




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