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You'll never Believe This!

The markets are controlled. This fact is something of a guarded secret. Why is that? Ask yourself why is it that professional investors/traders/analysts that you hear from on television and in the media all say that the markets move in random ways because they move based on economical and fundamental reasons and the only way to determine where price will go with

any sort of accuracy is to understand these factors better than anyone else. Doesn’t sound too encouraging does it? It’s no wonder traders resort to indicators and all sorts of other things to try to make some returns in the markets.

Let me share something with you, there are two major companies that own the majority of the largest companies in existence. They are Vanguard and Blackroock. What am I telling you? Yes you heard that right, two companies own and control the vast majority if the major corporation that exist. Sounds like something that shouldn’t be but it’s true.

When you examine these corporations you’ll also discover something very interesting. The companies they own make great charts to trade. There are many companies with shares but not all of them are tradable. We want to trade only companies that are going somewhere and that are back by these two corporations that move markets. Why is that? Because these two investment firms Vanguard and Blackrock they represent very powerful people that are pushing agendas and using their control of corporations to do this. We are in these markets to make a profit and to consistently increase our portfolio. Putting the edge on our side is

what is required and having your trades backed by inconceivable amounts of money is what will help your long positions profit extremely well.

When I do analysis on the charts looking for my next winning option trade one of the key things I look for is the company being backed by these two firms. This way I know that the stock should conform to certain candle and market formations that we can rely upon.

Kevin Araujo


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