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Why are you not getting all the historical data?


Hi Kevin,

This is A. from India, in order to do homework, i have checked the period 12 Oct 1992 to 25 May 1993, but unfortunately i couldn't find the data, even though I am holding a paid account in TradingView. Could you please advise as to what to do in this regard.. same problem I faced earlier also, because of unavailability of data I couldn't submit my home work.





Hi A.,

When you become a student here at White Oak U, the first thing we send out is an email with instructions. On this email you'll receive links to locations within the school with information that is mandatory to review in order to be prepared for your studies and classroom sessions.

You first steps as a student should begin by watching the video lessons on the following page: The first video on that page is entitled What data feed are we using for our charts. After reviewing that video you'll discover what data feed you need to set your charts to in order to receive the full historical data you'll need to participate in class and provide your homework.




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