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What it takes to be a successful trader and how to spot a phony educator!

On this week’s review session I touched upon something I felt was very important to talk about. It’s about having to confidence in your analysis which leads you to having the confidence in holding positions long enough to make great returns. It all comes down to something I've learned along my journey of life and that is that the universe will never let you have something without you paying the price for it. Whether that is knowledge, comfort, happiness, fortune, health, it doesn't matter what it is, if it’s desirable and it’s something you want, you will have to do what is required to obtain it. It cannot be given to you, it cannot be inherited and it cannot be purchased. It has to be earned through paying the price required to earn it.

What you learn from me will help you earn your understanding of these concepts faster than it took me to acquire them but you will still have to sacrifice time and energy to full y understand them and to be successful as a trader you must do what you have to in order to be confident in your analysis, your perspective and you trades. This only comes with time and work, there are no short cuts to obtaining this and you cannot obtain it through cheating. You have to make the decision if you are actually able to make the sacrifice of energy and time to make this a reality in your life otherwise you will only tricking yourself into thinking there is another way and let me tell you something, the journey to discovering your true potential in trading is tough but it is an adventure and it is exhilarating and the rewards are greater than you can even imagine. It is a true statement of your inner belief in your abilities as a human being!

Here's a clip of the review session we did where I talk about spotting a phony and what it takes to succeed!


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