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What is your focus in Level One?

What are the main concepts you need to understand as a Level One student!?

A new perspective on the markets: one that understands that the participants are separated into two main categories. One being the institutions that move price and "make" the markets and the other being the retail traders that react to the moves in the markets mostly created by the institutions.

An understanding of supply/demand principles: understanding institutional supply and demand and how price moves along the charts is the very core of what we teach. It is the very foundation of the knowledge you will build on top of this.

A NEW concept for drawing trend lines: there are many ways to draw trend lines but there is a specific concept that needs to be applied to candle formations to be able to determine if a trend line should be drawn. The purpose of drawing these trend lines is to be able to discover extremely valuable information regarding what price is doing and what it has done.

The Commitments of Traders Report: this is a very powerful tool we have as traders to be able to determine the moves on the institutions before they are made. The CoT report data is provided to us by means of the CFTC which shows us the positions held by the largest institutions in the markets. The problem is the vast majority of traders have been misinformed of how to use it. We have accumulated all the historical CFTC data and have been analyzing it and extracting very powerful information from it which we share with our students in our Araujo Report. We also teach our students how to do this analysis themselves.

The Story Line Analysis Process: there is a very specific way we approach the charts. We understand that with every area of buying that the institutions do it reveals a story and when you follow along the story line it will continue to reveal incredible information that will begin to paint a clear picture of what is taking place in the markets. This process is completely unique and one in which the student will come to learn through the lessons and in the classroom sessions where we follow this process and show the power it holds.

How we keep risk very low: risk in a necessary part of trading and understanding how we use it is crucial to your trading success. There are many thoughts on risk and we bring some new light into this world. In the lessons we teach on risk, you'll discover how it's possible to enter into a trade with minimal risk and yet be able to reach for larger returns. This is what so many traders try to do but without understanding key supply/demand concepts, this is next to impossible.

A new way of looking at Trading Psychology: trading psychology plays a very important part of trading but what most do not understand is that if you are trading a strategy and trusting it will produce results over time, you are already setting yourself to be very emotionally unstable. True emotional control comes from the "knowing" of how the markets move, anticipating its moves and seeing with your own eyes how accurate "True Analysis" can be. Once you build enough experience seeing how accurate you can be, your emotional intelligence will grow and you will naturally be more in control of your thoughts.

Kevin Araujo



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