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🤷‍♂️ What is the 🐳 BIG MONEY doing with the $EURUSD before the 🏦 FED Rate Decision?

🎩 On today's episode we talk about the FED INTEREST RATE data release

🔸 Why is following this data important? Because traders/investors use this data as an indication of USD strength/weakness.

🔸 So with this understanding, the banks also use this number to help facilitate the moves on the charts that were already in progress.

🔸 So what is currently in play right now on the $eurusd? Knowing what is happening know will help you determine what is likely going to happen AFTER the data is released.

🪄 Watch and find out!

🎩 Thanks for watching our daily morning shows, Mon-Fir, 8am EST. See you next time.



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