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What chapter are you on, in your life?

Two weekends ago, I took my family down to a Christmas market in Toronto. It is a place I took my wife many years ago when we first started dating. We fell in love with the whole market, its lights, tree, the shops and restaurants, the live classical music being played on stage, Christmas music being played on the speakers throughout. The whole experience was like a dream. Who would have known that years later we would be taking our two daughters with us, for them to experience the magic of the moment!? We took pictures with Santa Claus, even though they both didn’t want to be near him, we had a grilled cheese for the price that I could have made 10 of them at home but at the end of the day, it was all about the memories.

During this past weekend, while thinking about our past visit to the market and how so much has changed, I started thinking about the future, the next chapter in my and my family’s life. I knew many years ago that I was going through a certain chapter in my life and this chapter involved becoming completely secure with my trading ability and I knew I could not flip to my next chapter until that on was complete. It requires great patience, going through the required steps to reach success, until you’ve come to the point where you just know that you are ready for your next chapter. I’ve had to work many hours, experience many situations and endure many obstacles to reach this point but I have finally reached it and I can just feel it in my core.

Isn’t interesting… I had to learn to be patient with my trades, I had to learn the hard way, many times but in that process, I learned how to be patient moving through my chapter in life, progressing steadily and cautiously but with determination. I had to watch others pass through chapters as if with ease, not realizing they were progressing through too quickly without learning what was required to accept the new chapters. This is not the way and I have watched as those same people got crushed because of not being prepared for their new challenges. Life is not a race, so don’t ever make it about getting “there” too fast, otherwise you’ll spend your life chasing something that is just not meant for you!

Kevin Araujo



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