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What are you exposing yourself to?

You might have noticed that I have a bit of a fascination with things from the early 1900’s and late 1800’s. What is this fascination all about? When you study these times in our history you’ll find that people were very different than what we see in our society today. Education, standards, morality, etiquette, family values, work ethic, heritage, honour and discipline are among just a handful of things that were held in much more regard than what we see today. I think we are seeing the slow decay of civilization right before our eyes and it is these recent generations that have displayed a lack of quality that used to be so prevalent in society in the past.

We are highly suggestible people and if you want to see how, just watch a good movie and you’ll notice slight changes in your thinking and sometimes in your behaviour as well. Knowing this, do you think it is very important to make sure you expose yourself to only those things that will end up lifting you to higher levels? I think so. This is why I spend my time surrounding myself with things that inspire me to be better in life. I watch movies only very rarely and I must make sure it is vetted to ensure I am not wasting my time. I also like to watch certain television shows that inspire me BUT again I also make sure to properly investigate the show to ensure it will be worth my time. I see way too often how people are just looking for excuses to binge watch a show. They don’t even care if it is proper to watch or not, they just want something they will be addicted too. It is very sad to see this so prevalent in society.

I enjoy period time pieces as I find many of them extremely well written. Their stories are engaging and centered on qualities and behaviours I myself want to replicate into my own life. My thoughts, vocabulary, behaviours and actions all change for the better. I see positive results in my relationships with others and my professional life sees benefit as well. Changing what I expose myself to has made a drastic difference in my life and I would not change it for anything in the world. What are you exposing yourself to?

Kevin Araujo



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