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🔥🚨 Want to do ANALYSIS better that any PRO TRADER?

How’s it going fellow traders! Man, am I ever excited about our NEW level one class that we just started. We began a couple weeks back with a deep look at the $EURUSD chart. We spent an hour examining each and every supply/demand zone created by the banks and we asked ourselves why these zones were created and what was likely to become of price action. We successfully forecasted a move higher based on several indications we located. The move up was a nice move off a higher timeframe trend line and was a trade I took on my personal account. Anyone could have traded this one to the upside and made a nice return even on a small account.

In our next class (Monday) we will be looking at the 4H chart of #Gold as we’ve determined that $EURUSD and Gold charts are in sync and what happens on each chart can gives us a lot of insight as to watch the banks are preparing for in the coming weeks and potentially months.

In past classes we spent time looking at historical charts of many currency pairs, gold and oil as well. What we got out of doing this is we learned how the banks move price along the charts using their supply/demand zones and we also learned of the importance of their trend lines and the structures that make them high or low quality.

Now we are taking all that knowledge and applying it to the live charts so that we can forecast the moves BEFORE they take place and in so doing discover if the logic we applied was correct or needing to be adjusted.

I’ve always said – in my humble opinion – the Sherlock Analysis process is the most advanced technical analysis anyone can do. I have shown you throughout the years just how accurate the outcomes of the analysis can be. As with anything there are always limitations and this is where the #CFTC data comes in handy. When you put the two together combined with looking at media biases they results are incomparable. There is nothing out there that comes even close to what you can do with the analysis you are learning here at White Oak University.

I hope you will join us in the coming sessions as we continue to unravel the mysteries of the markets, becoming wiser with each session that passes.

They future is bright indeed!

Kevin Araujo



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