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To another successful year!

There is no doubt that the accuracy of the Araujo Report this past year was undeniable. We outlined our forecasts and price targets and we watched as the pairs and assets made their moves. It was a difficult year in the markets as major supply and demand zone came into play which made the dynamics such that we had to wait multiple months for shifts to play out. Nonetheless, price made its moves and now we are waiting to strike.

Throughout this past year there were very few Institutional Trade signals based on the Sherlock System because of these major shifts we have spoken about many times. Regardless, we have done our best to outline where we suspected price would move towards. We detailed price targets and the vast majority of those have been reached. We have been contacted by many students throughout the year telling us of how they have used these forecasts for great success while some others have been waiting for specific trades to be detailed. It must be said that we are a school and we are here to teach you how the markets move through the Sherlock System. We lay out Institutional Trade Signals as a way for you to learn how the markets move but it has to be understood that we don’t control the markets and therefore we can’t determine how many trade signals will be produced by the markets.

I can pass on to you that many have used our forecasts to help them with their own entries based on their risk profiles. Each individual person has their own personalities and more importantly their own emotional control levels. Emotional control plays a significant part in one’s trading. You have to know what yours is and always stay within it. We hope to continue bringing you incredibly accurate forecasts to help you discover the truths of the markets and to help you to determine what trades you want to take on your own.

Kevin Araujo

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Tim Dowler
Tim Dowler
Jan 22, 2021

This reply is kind of long, but I felt like sharing:

The power went out at my house the other day and I actually had a very distinct kind of peaceful day, and part of that may have just been because I knew electronics, for the time, weren't an option, but I was definitely taking into consideration what I have recently come to understand about electromagnetic fields - I digress though.

As I went for my routine jog I noticed the electrical workers working with the firemen as the blown transformer was still smoking. I instantly started thinking about risk, as I was studying to become an electrician pre-corona. I must confess I was more excited about electrical theory/physics than…

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