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The Sherlock 🕵️ System Trade Journal ✍️

It’s coming! What’s coming? The Sherlock System Trade journal is coming very soon. What is it? I’ve been using it for years to be able to track the trades I take in detail. It’s an extremely powerful tool to ensure that when you take a trade the odds are in your favour that it will be a profitable trade. Why is that? Because you have to follow a process before placing your orders in the markets and this process is what makes you accountable for the trades you take. Afterwards you are able to see whether the trade worked or not, what made the trade good and what you could do to make future trades even better.

We’ll be working together on trades that are taken and examine the trades in detail to determine was aspects of the analysis was correct or not. Once you have journaled in many trades then you can look back and see which type of trades did well and ensure you take more of those types in the future for a slow and steady progression to better returns.

I am finishing up the final touches on our new and improved version of this spreadsheet and when completed I will make it available to Sherlock members only. What do you have to do to become a member? Work hard on your homework and achieve the skills required in drawing your zones and trend lines so that this spreadsheet will be of use to you. Look forward to our future discussions!

Kevin Araujo



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