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The secret behind the game of chess!

Ever play chess? Ever wonder what the game of chess is about? You have the pawns, knights, bishops, rooks the queen and the king. What is the purpose of the game? It’s for the pieces to protect the King and Queen essentially. Ever wonder why the game was created and what the meaning of it was. Well its pretty obvious, it’s telling us how the world works and how those on the top of the hierarchy of society are protected by hose below, how those on the top use the ones at the bottom for their own purposes to facilitate whatever it is they want.

The world of the markets works exactly the same way. It has a ruling class that oversees it and makes sure it continues running it such a way that it serves their needs while at the same time using the pawns to help facilitate the process. Take a look at the definition of the word pawn, look closely at the many definitions of the word especially the one that defines it as “one that can be used to further the purposes of another”. This tells you everything you need to know about the word.

So how does this play out in the markets? Well we know for price to move, there has to be buyers and sellers and one must take the positions of the others. We are told the market makers main job is to create a market by filling our orders whatever they may be but what is not being told and made clear to retail traders is how they are being manipulated into buying and selling at the exact spots where the institutions actually want to take on the opposite trade. This system has been put in place and worked on to make it more devious and deceptive than ever. In fact the more I contemplate the way the markets move the more I am fascinated with how incredibly efficient it works and how well it keeps the vast majority of traders in the dark with its inner workings but with everything that exists in the world, there is a way to look at the markets so that confusion isn’t the end result. The problem is that the vast majority of traders will never discover these secrets but those that do will enjoy the benefits of acquiring this knowledge for as long as the largest market in the world continues to operate!

Kevin Araujo



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