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The magic of reading stories!

A child when brought into this world is on a quest to learn everything they possibly can and as a parent our job to help guide them through their journey of learning. As a father I have come to understand why reading stores to our kids is so important. One of the things we try to teach our children is what words mean. At the beginning I used to give my daughter the definition of words and most of the times it went right over her head and what I started to learn was that it was more important for me to use those words around her so she could start to understand the context in which those words were used. I started to realize that learning is achieved by having your children with you on the journey of life so they can witness how you deal with situations and what words you use to express yourself in those situations. This process takes time as you must go through the actual experiences with them. Books on the other hand allow you to go on journeys with them without ever changing your current situation.

When reading a book to your children they will experience a situation with you and with your guidance you can help them to understand when the characters of the story communicate in a certain way or act in a particular fashion. It is through understanding the character and how they deal with others and circumstances that the child begins to understand human nature itself. What does this have to do with trading? Everything!

In trading, you are trying to understand the markets and how they move but how can you do that without living through the story and having a deeper understanding of what is taking place. You must understand the context of where price is, where it came from to understand what it will likely do. I can open up a dictionary and read the definition of a word to a child and they won’t have a clue what the meaning of the word is and just like in trading you can be taught specific lessons in price movement and market dynamics but without living through the experiences, without studying the charts and understanding its history and the characters involved, it will be very difficult to ever learn anything on a deeper level. This is why we have the classroom sessions. We read the story of price together and make sure we understand everything we are reading so that when difficult situations arise we are capable of understanding what is taking place. Every situation is different as with the hurdles life throws us and so the more we read stories and learn the better prepared we will be to handle similar situations when they come to us.

Kevin Araujo


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