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The Araujo Report continues with its incredible accuracy!

The Araujo Report is the corner stone of White Oak Trading University. We've been producing these reports for years and have made them available in full to the members of our school. It's accuracy in determining the moves of the institutions and the future of price is unmatched in the industry, so much so that we have professional money managers count on it's reliability for their trading decisions.

As an example of the accuracy of the analysis we will examine the analysis we have been doing on #Gold. As we all know now, gold has seen some very bearish price action in the last few months. Many analysts were saying that gold was going to surpass the 1600's as price was rallying but our analysis of the institutional positions combined with supply/demand determined that price was not continuing higher and instead was going to drop after reaching the 1554's and this is exactly what has taken place.

Let us show you the monthly chart of gold right now.

On the August 25th 2019 edition of the report, this is what we wrote about #gold as it was rallying up towards the supply area.

Then on the September 6th 2019 edition we had already entered in short on #gold and detailed the trade within our portfolio for all members to see.

On the September 22nd 2019 edition we outlined how the #institutions were driving price back upwards only to allow them to close more of their long positions for profit taking and this is exactly what took place.

Moving forward to he October 12th 2019 edition we outlined how the profit taking took place and forced price down from supply and then detailed how price would continue it's decline in the coming weeks.

And lastly, on the November 1st 2019 edition we detailed how our analysis of historical price action and CoT data, allowed us to discovered very similar patterns of selling and how it led to a massive price drop and we outlined it right before the last drop we have since seen on #gold.

As you can see from the following examples of the #AraujoReport, we have detailed the moves of #gold with incredible accuracy and this is only one of the instruments detailed in the report. We have been profiting from our analysis just as our members have as well.

If you would like to have access to this report, all you need to do is sign up for Basic Access to the school and you will start getting this valuable information to your desktop.

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