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Thank you Kevin for opening my eyes to truly see the beauty of the market!


Jason writes:

"Hey Kevin I am watching the last L1 AUDUSD class we did on 6th Aug '19 and the information you shared is so golden. In the past I would draw my so called zones and trendlines and now because of the priceless knowledge you have shared, what I did in the past makes absolutely no What really caught my attention was when you said that, eventually one has to get to a point when doing analysis that, they are going to have to look at the work they have done and see if the reactions from the zones and trendlines look like proper reactions. You also said that one cannot know what a proper reaction looks like until enough analysis has been done. It's like how can you know a fake $100 bill unless you have seen a real one.Thank you Kevin for opening my eyes to truly see the beauty of the market. WHITE OAK UNIVERSITY is amazing. Everything is so organized with huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom as well as high quality videos and documents to really enjoy learning and mastering trading. To a great future with WHITEOAKFX!!"


Thanks Jason for that wonderful testimonial. It is true, the more work you do on your charts to more you will learn from them. The charts are our friends and they provide us with everything we need to be able to trade them successfully. So it all comes down do are you reading them correctly or not? Most don't know what to look for and so therefore will never find the answers but when you are given the tools and skills that you need to ask the right questions, then it is only a matter of time until the answers start coming to you and that is empowerment!




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