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Taking time to read will make you a better trader!

I was never a big reader was I was younger. I used to force myself to read the books we needed to read for school but most of the times I was looking for the Coles Note (shorter version) of the book so I could get the process over with. As I’ve gotten older and realized more about myself and my character, I’ve started to ask myself some very tough questions. These questions I asked forced me to really look within myself and discover if I was totally happy with who I was and the result was that I determined I had a lot to learn. So with that discovery, I began on my journey to learn as much as I possibly could about the world we live, the reasons why we are here and the lessons our past generations have learned which they could pass on to us.

On this journey of self-discovery, I realized that I wasn’t all I thought I was and this was a tough thing to conclude, but I also realized that I had huge potential within me that I could unleash if I put my mind. I have been fascinated with knowledge ever since. Knowledge on anything from health to history, it doesn’t matter, as long as I have an interest in it, I will do my best to learn it.

Why am I sharing this with you, because I have discovered something very powerful. There

are certain qualities you need to be a successful trader and they can be found when you look outside the realm of trading. This is where reading books to help your self-discovery some into play.

When we make this suggestion we are not talking about reading novels with no other purpose than to entertain you, we are talking about classic books that have stood the test of time, books that actually teach you about humanity. Works from the greatest thinkers of our time like Aristotle, Socrates and Plato, just to name a few. Why is reading books of this nature important?

Our lives are full of useless information being sent directly to our eyes and the vast majority is not important and will not make you a better person, in fact I believe the vast majority will make you the opposite. Just like the world of trading education is filled with advertisements trying to lure your senses into believing that you can become successful as a trader in a short period of time, advertisements for weight loss telling you it’s possible to lose weight by doing anything besides changing your eating and exercise habits, medications for anything you can think of and the list goes on. In time, anyone serious about finding real solutions comes to understand that there is no short cut to anything long lasting.

So how can we avoid being misled about things in our lives? You can do this by studying the great works of literature. In the process of your studies, you’ll discover certain truths about humanity that will unlock your true potential to live a very fulfilling and intelligent life. When you commit to yourself in this way, you will be elevating everything that you do in life to levels reached by only the most successful. You wonder how some can achieve long lasting results in whatever they work towards? Look no further than in the world of reading good quality books.

Kevin Araujo


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