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Taking classes in the archive!

We want to welcome all the new students that have recently joined White Oak Trading University! We are glad you have joined and are happy you’ve decided that what we offer here is of real substance and can provide you will the solid foundation you’ll require to become incredible traders.

We have been asked numerous times about our live classes. Some of you have joined us in the middle of our class, which runs for two months, and you wonder how you can get involved. We want to remind you that there are classroom sessions in our library archive that you can do on your own to prepare you for the live class. I’d recommend you start with the $AUDUSD Daily Chart class. This specific class was broken down into nine sessions. Watch the first one, plot the analysis on your charts and then do the homework provided in that session. When you are complete with the homework, watch the second session (2 of 9) and see what you did right and wrong, then correct your mistakes and continue with the homework from that session. In each session the homework is given at the end of the session. You can also find the homework listed above the session’s video. (see image to the right)

This is an incredible way to build your skills in preparation for the live classroom session we do because remember, your goal here is to build your skills and abilities so you can graduate to level 2 and remember you need to complete at least TWO full classes, that’s a total of four months of classroom sessions. So again, welcome and I wish you the best in your journey!

Kevin Araujo


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