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Summer school is here for 2021!

The summer is HERE! We are starting a new class on Monday July 5th for Level One students. If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so HERE. Please make sure you sign up otherwise you will not be able to join us during the LIVE session. As mentioned before, you should prepare by doing the $USDCAD Daily class part three which you can find in our archives HERE. Once you review that class and you update you chart analysis to the confirmed completed chart work, then you’ll be ready to begin the new class.

So let’s get ready to kick start this summer off in a GREAT WAY! We learned so much during our last class and we expect the same thing here. One thing I will point out is that lately I have noticed something really HUGE and I will be testing it out during this latest class to determine it’s validity and once confirmed I will share it with you. It has to do with consolidation away to validate a zone and IT IS A GAMECHAGER if it turns out to be what I think it is!

As you can see I get super excited about these sessions and for good reason. Each and every class has elevated my trading and analysis to new levels.

In case you haven’t noticed our analysis has been spot on and I don’t think there is anyone else that has provided analysis on this level as we have. We have to toot our own horn every once in a while since analysis is WHAT WE DO!

With that being said, with summer here I always try to get out more often and spend time outside with the family. So if you notice any delays in responding to emails it’s because of that, so please be patient with me as I try to live some kind of life outside trading.

On a personal note, trading has gone very well for me as I closed many positions recently of which some I gave out in the school portfolio. Recently it has not been the ideal time to trade so I have been mostly on the sidelines managing a handful of positions that have remains opened. I am eager to get back into the markets and pull more profits from it BUT I know when it’s my time and when it’s not.

So I will remain patient and wait for the BANKERS to reveal their cards and then I’ll pounce in hard!

Till we see each other again enjoy the pictures I’ve shared from the part of the world I live in and have a great evening!


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