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Study sessions are here for Level 2 students!

In my years of study, I have found myself somewhat obsessed with discovering the inner workings of the markets out of sure curiosities sake. What I wanted to know was if there was indeed reason for the movements we've been told are absolutely random and what I found was not only is there reason for the movements but they were predictable with a high degree of accuracy. This is at the very core of our belief regarding the markets.

What sets us apart from any other trading school is that we teach the realities of the market, the inner workings of price and how to focus in on taking advantage of the move in price to attain our profits. What sets us apart is the work we put into discovering the secrets of the markets. There is a process you must follow in order to learn these secrets and you must know what to look for. This process is what creates rock solid traders because the knowledge you gain from this process is immeasurable. Soon we will begin Study Sessions and it will only be made available to level 2 and 3 students. The idea behind the study session is that we will go back, deep into price on a chart and take apart price action to reveal the hidden meanings of its movements and discover the inner workings of institutional trading. The evidence is always left behind, you just have to know where to look and in these upcoming sessions we’ll be going through this process with you so you can attain the knowledge you need to build a skillset unmatched in the business. This is intense study sessions and you will need your journals open and pens out and it will be greatly beneficial to you to also have your tradingview screen open so you can mark your screens alongside us.

Level 1 students, don’t feel left out, we’ll continue doing our classroom sessions reviewing the lessons made available to you, as without a good understanding of this material, the study sessions will be rendered useless. I really look forward to these sessions and I plan to use this opportunity to build on my own database of knowledge even greater. So please be ready, get your journals and if you are serious about changing your financial well-being without any hype, then be ready to put in some work and don’t be the person a year from now saying to yourself “I just should have done the work!”

Kevin Araujo



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