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"Something finally makes sense!"

Student comment

" Hello all, I am from Egypt and been trading since 2010. It is not just enough time to explain what i have been through over the years. Only one funny and pity thing i would mention, is that i have literally tried every single way, methodology, strategy, signal, fantasy whatever you call it, so trading would make sense to my mind. Never happened since i started trading, why? because i have always skipped, avoided or either neglected getting into Supply and demand for unknown reasons., i just don't know why! I have probably skipped the most important thing about trading and my journey has been so bumpy because of that.

I have started thinking about it a few months ago as it is obviously the only thing that i haven't studied deeply as i did with the other "rubbish" strategies. My first thought about supply and demand back in time was like "hmm this thing looks so simple, just zones and price would bounce between them. I don't really think big whales trade this way, pfff just forget it, lets get into the complicated stuff, lets read tens of books, watch hundreds of webinars and videos, lets subscribe here and there". That was pity and a fortune has been blown away.

However, and regardless of any feelings of regrets, it is better that it came rather than never and i am happy that i stumbled on Kevin's videos that has been an eye opener to something finally makes sense after years of having my mind brainwashed by several mentors.

I believe this will take me time to shew specially to overcome the euphoria of finding something valuable and reacting as a reckless newbie who would add a position whenever he spots a zone. Have to control that, that's my challenge, however, it does worth it, it worth 1 more journey once and for all."



"That's a story and a half. Thanks for sharing A. Yes there are a lot of scammers out there just like in every other business but unfortunately on the web you can't meet these people face to face and get a feel for them. The unfortunate thing is these scammers and fakers never put in enough time into anything to get good at it so they'd rather look for quick easy money. It's a faulty lifestyle but many don't know any better.

So glad you are here and I hope to see you put in the work required to excel in this business. It'll take time so be patient but just know it will come if you persist!"




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