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Some changes with our Watchlist/Portfolio!

As you’ve probably started to see we are making some changes to the Portfolio section of the Araujo Report. What you’ll notice is that we’ll be posting many more trading ideas and some specific ideas of how/when to exit positions based on the Sherlock Trading System. Watch closely because we will be launching something very soon with regards to the watchlist/trade ideas and some specific instructions on how to trade the ideas. We will be laying out targets as well with these trade ideas. So far you can see our trade ideas have been on FIRE! Massive movers which we laid out months ago and look at those #JPY pairs rallying as we mentioned before. What you can expect from us is more focus on trading ideas which I will let you know right now, some of them I will take and some of them I will not but all of them will be used to learn from and fine tune the trading system to become more accurate.

I will be letting you know more as things unfold but for now keep a close eye on this section of the Araujo Report because we are working on BIG THINGS that I am so excited about! You’ll also likely see some changes in the forum to make things easier to follow. We have many members who simply don’t have the time to invest in their education right now but they are very interested in making money with some very strong trade ideas so we are putting something together that will both provide to the needs of those members and our students and also will be a tool we will use to scrutinize the trade ideas and learn from them.

Kevin Araujo


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