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I’ve launched our EMAIL NEWSLETTER if you are a member/student I ask that you please make sure to subscribe to it. You can find a LINK at the bottom right hand corner of any page on the school site. Make sure you subscribe to this as I will be using this newletter to communicate with all students and members going forward. Also make sure that you add my email address from the NEWLETTER to your CONTACTS or WHITELIST us. I will slowly be transitioning all current email communication from our regular emails to this system. We have so many new students joing at different times that it will be much easier managing email through this way.

What can you expect from this newsletter? Articles on the markets, hedge funds, trading systems, market manipulation, trading pyschology and so much more. I am constanlty reasearching, reading books and gathering knowledge that I want to share with you. There will also be in depth analysis of markets and the CFTC data and I’ll eventually post the updates to the portfolio and so many other things I have planned. So make sure you subscribe!!!

Lastly, if you have anything you’d like to see in the newletters, anything you specifically want to learn about supply/demand, CFTC report and anything else related to what we do, send me an email to and let me know what it is, I’d be happy to hear your suggestions, work it in and give you full credit in an upcoming edition.

Kevin Araujo



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