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October 14th, 2018 - Deep look at the markets!

This past Sunday we did a webinar with members and the purpose was to review what took place with the FOREX market this past week. The webinar was recorded for members who were not able to make it to be able to watch it at another time. In this session we looked at the behavior of the #eurusd #gbpusd #dollar and many other pairs including taking a look at the #nzdusd.

There was an institutional trade signal on the #nzdusd which was put in the portfolio and shared with members and recently the signal became invalid. Know when a signal is no longer valid is something that taken me years to be able to determine with decent accuracy. Now that this signal is no longer valid all that is required is to wait for new signals to be produced.

Below you will find a sample of the analysis we did during this session. Enjoy!

Magic Trader!

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1 Comment

I really appreciate you works Sir, thank you so much.

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