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🌴Moving to ☀️M🌴AMI?

We’ve wanted to go for a while now, we stopped dreaming of moving down to Florida a couple years back when we were busy with the kids but now as they are getting older we are starting up the dream once again. I’ve thought a lot about where I’d like to live out my years, what weather I’d want, where would be a good place to live so that my kids will be able to have opportunities for their lives. Good schools, good communities, access to the arts, restaurant, museums, nightlife, shows, opera, concerts, sports and all the rest of those good things.

I think living in Muskoka has been great and it hasn’t definitely served its purpose and could continue to do so for a while to come but as I get older and start to think about growing my circles of friends, becoming more social and balancing my life out a little more I think about where I will have the best opportunity to do that as well.

It will be a big move as we don’t have family in Florida but my parents do go down there for 3 months out of the year so maybe I’d see them down there on visits.

We’ve been to Miami once before and we really liked it, the city is big and beautiful and it is the 2nd financial capital of the U.S. followed by New York, right up my alley. We’ve been to Florida several times and you just can’t beat the weather, sun almost every day and that is great to keep the vitamin D levels up. Plus I want to be outside more time throughout the year, here in Canada during the winter it’s so easy to find myself stuck inside the house for over a week without really leaving to go out anywhere.

As my kids get older they will want to do their own things with friends and it’ll be more my wife and I hanging out and I want to be where the action is so going out is convenient and never a bother.

The greatest thing is being a trader you can live just about anywhere as long as there is internet access. So it makes no difference where I live.

I will always have Muskoka in my heart as it is such a beautiful place and I have had so many

wonderful memories here. I can imagine one day when I’m much older that I will fly up to Canada to visit family and I will make a special trip up here to cottage country just to drive through the roads I used to drive and check out our old driveway. Go to the beach we used to swim at when our girls were younger and I’m sure a couple tears will trickle down my face… but I think I will be happy having made the move knowing it was the best decision for my family.

So I’ll see how things go for now….

Kevin Araujo

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Jesse Poulin
Jesse Poulin
Mar 23, 2022

😎HI Kevin , I moved from Quebec to Connecticut in 1983 .Now we are having a house build in Palm Coast Florida. Life is getting better and better !

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