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🏆💰 Million Dollar $EURUSD 🚨 Update

Last time we posted about our million dollar short trade on the $EURUSD price was heading lower and the positions was well in the green.

Today we had the Non Farm Payrolls released which came out as positive for the #USD which in turn means NEGATIVE for the $EURUSD.

So what ended up happening? Well when price was reaching the lows we could see that there was a transition happening with retail traders exiting their shorts and starting to accumulate longs. IF the plan is to drop price further, the best setup would be to lure

Is this about to happen? retail back into shorts in order to max them out and then drop price again.

Is this about to happen? Are the banks setting things up to drop the $eurusd another time? We believe their is a very high odds chance of it. So continue to follow along with us and and we'll bring you more updates.



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