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Mental toughness for your trading and life!

It’s time to get down to what really makes us great traders! It’s the mind, without your mind being in the right place, you can never achieve any real success with your trading. There is a video seminar done by Mark Douglas called Mental Toughness. I would have to say that this series is one of the biggest influencer's on my psychology when it comes to trading. I have spent a lot of my time for years studying from books, audio tapes and seminars trying to get a better understanding of our minds and figure out what makes them help us to be successful or continue to fail. The Mark Douglas material has played a large role in my understanding of the role our minds play. So I feel it is essential to review the material here in the next few reports so that we can focus on the key points you need to take into consideration when focusing your energy on becoming that ultimate trader. What you will learn is not only essential for trading but also great for your personal life as well.

What skills must you acquire to be a great trader?

1. Need and edge.

2. Learn to think in probabilities.

3. Learn how to identify and neutralize self-sabotaging beliefs.

4. Understand how Euphoria is different from Confidence.

The three developmental stages of a trader:

1. Trading mechanically

2. Trading subjectively

3. Trading intuitively

When we trade, we have to realize that we are not perfect and our analysis will not be perfect. With all the variables that influence price on the charts, to be accurate takes a lot of time and practice. So knowing this, you can’t expect perfection from yourself but know that with time and patience and persistent work on your skills, your edge will become stronger and your analysis will become more accurate and reliable.

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