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🚨 Market Analysis - OIL- October 18th

Oil has been moving as we expected over the past weeks and a lot of the students are profiting from our very accurate supply and demand analysis. Our weekly target was hit for huge profits on October 5th 2021. The powerful Monthly demand which was precisely located, provided us with the early signs of this bullish run on Oil. This wasn't just an ordinary demand. For more details on this demand and the types of demand we have in the market, visit us at .

This week Oil continues to rally and we have our eyes on the Monthly target at $92. We have some daily obstacles on the Oil chart and so we are keeping an eye on those.

We have multiple uptrends on various time frames of the Oil chart and so we would be watching for signs of these breaking

As mentioned last week #USDCAD had also hit our first target for profits. With our forecast on Oil we are also expecting the #USDCAD to continue its bearish run.

Visit us at for a more detailed analysis in our weekly Araujo Reports where we discuss the CFTC data and Sherlock Analysis.

Want to know more about our Sherlock Analysis System? Click on the link to proceed. .

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great analyzes I've been doing the weekly on oil and has worked out very well. But now we might have a bit of a pullback, is it do to a supply zone at or around 83.59 ?

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