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March 17th 2019 - Institutional Positions & Supply and Demand for the FOREX market

The positions below represent the institutional positions held as of March 12th 2019!

📊 In the Markets: The markets have been moving very well lately and much in line with what we would want to see in order to feel more confident in the open trades we are currently in. When examining the data we can see that the institutions continue to build their positions in the direction that is favourable to us. The #dollar continues to strengthen and their net positions continue to build to the bullish side. This week we were triggered on a couple institutional trade signals, one being with the $cadjpy as a momentum shift took place off a weekly supply zone with consideration placed on the fact we have massive higher time frame supply that is in play and the $cad is set to continue getting weaker. All these factors put together create an ideal situation to participate in the eventual move lower. It now comes down to the timing of our entry and this signal is valid for the taking.

Looking at this week’s data you’ll also notice that when looking at the positions of the longs and shorts it would seem that one bias is in place and then when you look at the net positions you’ll find that the institutions are quietly amassing a larger position on the other side. I’ve detailed this in the analysis within the latest Araujo Report so I think it’s worth noting this and journaling how this will play out.

I suspect what will take place in the markets this week is a slow continuation of the momentum they are currently building. It is taking it’s time but this is to be expected as they have to lure retail traders into taking the opposite positions. Looking at the #dollar pairs we can see that there isn't much in terms of supply to stop price from a larger move higher, the charts are ready so it just comes down to when the banks have positioned themselves enough for the move to take place. It could be this week or next, that’s the unknown at this point.

Magic Trader

👇📺🚨 Here was last weeks video provided to members 🚨📺👇



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