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💦 Make A Decision to Change Now!

How many of you are dreaming of becoming successful traders and you just can't seem to get it right? You feel frustrated because you are always on the wrong side of the market. You can't seem to figure out where price is going. You are always guessing about where exactly to put your stops and targets. You are not sure if your trend lines are drawn properly. You are not sure if you have a trend or, if price is in consolidation or if it is ranging. I was like you once even though I had access to mentors, teachers and education.

What I described above is exactly what many of you are going through right now. So how did I change all that? I became aware that I need to make a decision in my mind to change the way I saw the markets. I said to myself that I can't continue like this because my family were depending on me to be successful. By success, I mean, the progressive realization of a worthy goal. I needed to discover how the markets truly worked. I had to change my perspective. Day and night my goal was to solve the market puzzle. While some believe and continue to believe that it is and will remain random and a mystery, I did not believe that. I spent thousands of hours studying the markets and increasing my knowledge base. It was remarkable.

I finally started to understand the truth. The concepts and principles I teach at the school were developed from these thousands of hours (over 40,000hrs) of study. I understood what constituted a strong trend line and when I need to adjust them. The supply and demand zones were located precisely so that even one (1) pip was critical to my analysis. I began to understand the dynamics and sequences of price action based on what the institutions were doing. My Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding was growing rapidly and it became evident through prayer that I needed to share this.


White Oak Trading University at was established in 2018 by Kevin Araujo who has been studying the markets since 2013. Our mission as a school is to bring a classical trading education to those that are looking to learn the true nature of the markets and be able to trade the markets with confidence and consistency, leading to a profitable and fulfilling experience. Our library contains the knowledge our students need for achieving trading excellence. The knowledge provided to our students is very unique and is not recycled education that can be found in the mainstream. The knowledge in the library has been acquired after thousands of hours of careful market study and analysis. The concepts and principles taught have been extracted from the market itself and have been proven to extract extremely valuable information from the markets. Our library is one of our most valuable assets in the world and contains the most powerful set of tools for a trader when used effectively.

Make the decision today to change the way you trade. Feel free to visit the school at and sign up for our new classes that will begin soon.


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