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Love is the ONLY truth, everything else is illusion!

These days everyone is being tested to the limits and we are being told by our governments that we should not be getting together with family members for the holidays. This is all supposedly based on science but the interesting thing is when you look at the science it does not support these measures. When you look at the actual data released by the CDC, World health etc. what you’ll find is that what is taking place is actually the seasonal FLU. What they are now trying to do is to stop counting people with the flu to instead call them covid cases. The fraud being perpetrated on all of us is probably going to go down as one of the largest in our history. People are getting depressed, ending their own lives and

businesses are being shut down based on this complete nonsense. Now on top they want us to stay away from our friends and family, the one thing that could give us support, comfort and the strength to fight back.

Love is the ONLY truth in this world and everything else is just illusion. Meaning only love and the expression of love is what drives us and makes us stronger and happier. Everything else out there that is trying to put fear in your hearts is not real. The real science backs this up and we must not forget that. Nothing could and will stop me from seeing my family, hugging them and letting them know that I am there for them…. NOTHING!

Christmas goes on, celebrating the birth of Jesus continues and my children will have great memories that they will have for the rest of their lives. We had that as children and it is my duty to ensure they have that as well. We all must remember what’s important in life. I see and hear too many stories and loved ones not seeing each other and I know one day they will regret making these decisions so I would encourage you to really think about how you want this time in your life to be remembered.

A GREAT article that will help to put things into perspective IMO is

God bless you all!

Kevin Araujo



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