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Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom!

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Here at the school we embark on a very difficult task. Our mission in transforming traders into successful professional traders involves being able to teach others how to learn. What do we mean by this? Well in our education system today we have a method that is used that does not teach students how to examine data for themselves and come up with a conclusion based on all evidence and facts. What we do have is the basic text book with all the conclusions already made out for you and then you study this material and have an examination to determine if you can remember these new opinions of yours. Now surely this

system works very well to create a society that simply obeys what they are told and does not question the norm or even know how to do so properly or effectively. The vast majority of us have had this education unless your parents could afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars required to put you into one of the elite private schools. So essentially what is taking place in the markets today is we have a large percentage of the market participants incapable of receiving data, analysing it, understanding it and then letting these understanding create wisdom of the markets that can be used in a way that will benefit your

trading accounts.

This is the reason why the vast majority of traders lose money. Just as they depended on their text books from school to tell them about the world they live in, they rely on EA’s and trading strategies to provide them with their returns and just like believing everything in a text book doesn't allow you to grow as a critical thinker in society, relying on systems, strategies and robots etc will not allow you to grow as a successful trader!

Like I mentioned, our task here at the White Oak U is a large one because it relies on our ability to make our students understand this very important aspect of your way of learning and thinking and to transform your mind into a powerful tool that will eventually be able to get data, do analysis on it, come to certain understandings about the markets, continue to learn and then let these experiences with the #chartwork turn into wisdom of the markets that will last you a lifetime and provide an endless stream of positive returns!

Kevin Araujo


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