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July 2021 was full of winners in the portfolio

We are about to begin another month and we close out the month of July. I have to say July turned out to be a pretty incredible month with many winning trade ideas posted in the Watchlist and within the Telegram channel as well. Many of you took part in these trades and have expressed your gratitude for the profits you’ve made. Well done! Let’s remain focused as profits and winning is all part of the business of trading. We expect wins and we expect profits from all the hard work we do, so this isn’t something we need to celebrate just as any other business would not celebrate every time their clients mailed them a cheque. We work hard and we get the results from our work which tells us we are doing the right things.

So excellent month of July! We will continue to monitor the markets for new trade ideas for August.

We had a great short trade on the $AUDCAD which ended up being stopped out by a spike up with a wick which is not typical when we place our stops opposite of zones we trade off of. It was very unfortunate as now we have our targets being hit and more downside is in play.

On the other hand we have the $EURUSD short term long trade which we alerted on our Telegram channel and that one flew high after the alert. We have targets higher but so far the trade is a WINNER!

All of the trade signals have done well, even the losers as we only lost a small amount of them because of the specific risk on those trades. As I’ve always said, trading is a matter of knowing your risks and taking them when they are small and the rewards are large. We won’t always be right in our decisions but we use everything we know about the markets to make decisions that will hopefully result in much more winners than losers.

Kevin Araujo



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