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July 13th 2020 - Institutional 🏦 Positions & Supply/Demand for Gold, Oil and the FOREX market

Based on the Commitments of Traders data reported on: July7th 2020

📊 In the Markets: There is a lot taking place in these markets. A lot of suggestions being made with price and positioning. Let’s start by looking at the #DOLLAR. We have MAJOR supply in place with the dollar and we’ve been anticipating a move higher to come with trends in play BUT will those trends hold? We know that trends END when higher timeframe supply is contacted, so this would lead us to believe that the trend should not hold and if this is the case we should expect downside is coming on the charts. With that

said, can we find corroborating evidence to suggest #DOLLAR weakness?

The #USDCAD has MAJOR supply in play, the #USDCHF has supply in play and the #USDJPY has supply in play. What about the other majors? #AUDUSD current dynamics suggest more upside, the #EURUSD has demand in play, the #GBPUSD has demand in play and the #NZDUSD has demand in play. What is all this telling us? There might be a massive move in the works here and all this consolidation that we’ve experienced this year and last has been in preparation for what is to come.

The positioning of the institutions is starting to suggest that this move is coming and is in the works. It’s not definitive but the case can be made for this thesis. I am watching very closely and building the evidence that is suggesting this move and I’ll be verifying if the evidence is valid or not. In the coming weeks I’ll also be watching the positioning for very specific signs. This could be HUGE!

🎩 Magic Trader!

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