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It’s graduation time!

As Level One and Two classes come to an end, I’d like to ask those students in that have completed TWO Level One classes and submitted homework to reach out to me via email and let me know. I will be reviewing your homework to determine your eligibility to graduate to Level Two. Likewise I want Level Two students who have completed a minimum of TWO Level Two classes and submitted homework to reach out to me and let me know. I’ll be spending the rest of this month reviewing your work and graduating students. If you believe you’ve done the work and acquired the skills, then congratulations!

I’ve seen incredible results from all of you and I am very proud of you! This is not easy to learn. Analysis at the level that we are doing is not seen anywhere and it can be complicated so your commitment to learn and show up each and every week to class says a lot about your character.

FIRSTLY, it says that you know quality when you see it and you also recognize that anything worth doing will be hard and will require a lot of work. This in itself speaks wonders of who you are as an individual.

SECONDLY, your patience in the process tells me you are mature enough to understand how knowledge is achieved. It cannot be forced into you, instead is had to be achieved slowly through a gradual process. There is your occasional student that comes to our school and they want everything now and we have to let them know this is how it works here and some of them accept this and some don’t. This is ok because those that don’t understand are not meant to be here.

We are creating the future right now; we are creating the very future of the ability of a professional trader. Never in the history of trading has a retail trader been equipped with such powerful knowledge in regards to the markets, I believe this with every essence of my soul. Keep up the great work everybody!

Kevin Araujo


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