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If You're Not At White Oak University Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later!

Do you want to have a bullet proof trading education? Do you want one that can give you the edge you deserve as a professional trader in any market circumstance?

Today we had a massive turn out for our Level One session at the school. We covered a range of critical and essential skills that one must develop through continuous study of the markets. I continuously encourage my students to validate our rules so that they would develop the knowledge base and foundation for the more advanced skills. However, based on the market dynamics, the professional must know how and when to use wisdom, knowledge and understanding based on the context of price, instead of rules.

During our historical analysis training session this morning, we spoke about all time lows, valid and invalid trend lines, valid and invalid zones. Our knowledge over the past years have grown exponentially and we are able to know when we have valid and invalid structures. I also gave them a sneak peak into some more advanced concepts where we spoke a bit of about market dynamics and trends and how we are able to forecast the market movement based on the structures in play and those that have been broken.

We also covered the importance of constantly seeking true and pure knowledge on this journey of continuous self development. It is important as traders to have well balanced lives; healthy minds and bodies.

Are you spending the time learning and analyzing data the proper way? In the first place you need the correct data. We will show you how to collect the data that is relevant and then show you how to analyze that data for high probability trades.

Our doors are always open to serious and committed traders. If you are interested you can check us out at . We have amazing payment options!


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