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How to read a book!

There is a lot happening in our world right now and we have so many sources of information made available to us that sometimes it’s overwhelming as some sources say one thing and another say something totally different. How do you know what to believe. I know this feeling all too well and there is a solution to it! The solution lies in your ability to think for yourself. This is something that has not been taught to us since our early days in school but it

is never too late to start learning! I MUST WARN YOU THOUGH, once you start learning how to think on your own, you will be in essence taking the RED PILL as in the movie “The Matrix”.

How will this happen? When you start thinking on your own instead of believing you are thinking on your own, things that you never were able to see will start to become very clear. People you once had respect for will start to show themselves to you in undesirable ways and others that you never thought much of will all of a sudden take on more importance in your life. You’ll watch the television and listen to a news anchor and it will be like your mind will decode what is being said to reveal a different storyline. It is very empowering but you must be prepared for what will start to be revealed to you!

One of the ways you can start liberating yourself is by reading a great book entitled “How to read a book” by Mortimer J. Adler. In this book, Mortimer breaks down how you can go about taking the information from a book and dissecting it to be able to come to your own conclusions of what is being written. Everything in writing has a reason for existing, just like television, radio, newspaper, media sites, social media advertising and the rest of it. They all have a message they are trying to convey and it is up to you to discover the reasons why and what it means. It is in this process that you’ll begin to uncover your true potential to think on your own. Give it a try! ;)

Kevin Araujo

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