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💵 How to Make Money Trading Supply and Demand.

I've had days where I made thousands of dollars trading supply and demand. It's not even out of the ordinary. How do I do it? It's not something you should expect to achieve overnight. It took a ton of dedication to reach this level of success. First of all the supply and demand concepts and principles taught at the school are not the ones you have seen and heard of before. Our concepts and principles are very unique and unlike any in the world.

That said, your time and effort is all that stands between you and this kind of success. There are lots of ways to trade and I will show you the way that works if you are willing to put in the work. I'll show you the exact strategies I use to make money from trading and in so doing help you avoid the countless number of mistakes so many traders are making.

Sound good? Let's begin.

  • Always understand the Risk:Reward of the trade as it stands now.

  • Always play out scenarios. ASK - What if this happens? What if this doesn't happen? How will the market respond? What zones will the market move to?

  • All trade ideas must be well thought out and grounded in reason.

  • Before you put on a trade, ALWAYS ask yourself, "If this trade goes wrong, how do I get out?

  • Scale in and out of all trades. Avoid the temptation of wanting to be completely right.

  • Always determine why the winners are winners and why the losers are losers.

  • Devise your trading rules and then follow your trading rules. This is how you measure success. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

  • A far more important trait to winning as a trader is, the ability to admit mistakes.

  • Live a rounded, balance and satisfying life. Eat, drink and be merry. Only think about happiness, health, wealth, prosperity, love and abundance.

  • You have to enjoy trading by having a positive mental attitude of mind. Remember your thoughts and emotions are what makes your attitude.

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