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How to find Institutional Trade Signals!

"You've got to make yourself a detective and examine what the #banks and big players are doing with their positions and supply and demand areas!"

At White Oak Trading University our aim is to teach the aspiring trader that trading the markets is all about knowing what the institutions responsible for moving the markets are doing with their positions and be able to anticipate their next move after examining all the evidence we have at hand. What better way to illustrate this then by showing you an example of how we go about examining the evidence we have which includes #cftc position data, the supply and demand we've located on the charts and then doing a deeper analysis of the cross pairs to determine currency strength and weakness. Today I did my weekly #forex market outlook video and submitted it to members and I have shared the video in this journal entry in the hopes you will see how we put the evidence together to place the odds on our side before placing our trades.

What you'll notice when you watch the analysis video is how detailed notes are kept on the charts and how all the #institutional zones are marked on our charts. Why do we track every single supply and demand zone we find on the different time frames? Why are we putting so much work into tracking every zone? It all comes down to finding the institutional trade signals that will eventually be produced. We can't know every move the institutions will make especially during consolidation phases, but when the institutions finally decide to make a large move in one direction they always leave the signs behind. The whole purpose of following them, day in and day out, is to eventually get to that point where they make that move that we have been waiting for and once they do we will be there ready and waiting to take full advantage of the zones, no matter how small and place our orders and targets accordingly. Signals are a tough thing to understand, knowing the difference between a signal zone and just a regular zone takes time studying the markets to fully understand. I myself am constantly learning every day to help me distinguish between good and bad signals.

Finding the signals to take trades from is the end goal for us. It is what we do our analysis for. To be able to find the signals that will become profitable, takes a good sense of understanding all the lessons provided in level 2 education. Finding the zones, drawing the zones, drawing out the trend lines correctly and having an understanding of what forces are in play are some of the most important lessons taught within level two and understanding these lessons is so vital to your success.

So without further delay, have a watch of the #forex market outlook video and I hope you will get some nuggets of information useful to you. If you have any questions, I'm available to you at

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