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How mentally tough are you?

How mentally tough are you? Many people turn to trading because they think making money through trading seems easy but they soon find out that it is not so simple. So the question is… how mentally tough are you? Are you made for trading, can you keep working and pushing forward when times get tough? Are there things from your past keeping you from achieving success? There are many things you must think about when trying to achieve success as a trader; these things never cross most peoples mind before they begin on this journey but these are the questions that are the most important. When I started on this journey I never knew how hard it was going to be, I never knew that things from my past would prevent me from achieving success. I had absolutely no clue that how I was raised and what I was taught as a kid would play a big role in how much success I would allow myself to have. These things you will only come to realize AFTER you have devoted enough time to becoming better than you are, only AFTER you have stuck through the hard times to make it out on the other end, only AFTER you continue to work when you don’t see any big positive results. You will only discover the big truths of success when you have earned them.

We think trading psychology plays a massive role in your success as a trader. In fact it plays a significant role in how much work you will put into trying to stick to the routines which leads you on a journey that will end with you becoming a success. I hear all the time, stories of how hard people will work once they become a student and time after time I see just how people’s thoughts and words are not aligned with their actions. This is a big problem and one that must be tackled before one lets it get out of hand. I know it can be hard, I know you can get busy, I know about all the excuses that a person can come up with, I had all those before back when I was younger. Today I have a different perspective on life. If I want to achieve something I only focus on what needs to be done and I commit to doing it. I don’t focus on the many things that will try to prevent me from doing it because life will ALWAYS through speed bumps and distractions your way, that’s what it does but your job is to stay focused on what you need to do and when you do that, you’ll see just how you start to make the time for those things because at the end of the day you make time to breathe, to eat and to sleep because you need to do those, so start thinking about what you NEED to accomplish to make yourself successful in trading and you will make the time for it!

Kevin Araujo



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