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How Institutional Supply and Demand works!

At Magic Trader FOREX Mentorship, one of the first lessons we teach students is about the the importance of understanding #institutional supply and demand. We teach how the markets truly work and how they are manipulated by the worlds largest banks and institutions. At the end of the day the markets exist to extract money from retail traders and deposit them into the accounts of those "in the know". Once you understand this fact and understand how it is that the institutions get away with this, then you can start your journey to turn the tables on the them and start to use their trickery for your benefit to finally make consistent profits and without the stress.

The institutions have a really good thing going on here where they have mastered the ability to trick retail and other institutional money into taking the wrong side of the trade almost every single time. Why is it that when a trader takes a trade they will be more wrong than right if price movement is 50-50 either up or down? It's because there is a lot of trickery going on. Algorithms have been expertly programed to create chart patterns that will trick the mind into trading at the wrong times. Once you are able to see the trickery it becomes all about following the banks with their own orders.

Institutional supply and demand is pretty much all you need to follow, not fundamentals, not chart patterns, not anything else. Why is that? Because the institutions are the one moving the markets, so don't you think they understand fundamentals better than you can ever, don't you think they have larger resources than you, don't you think they are using your access to fundamental data against you? You better believe it!

Learning to follow institutional supply and demand requires assistance. I have been doing it for years and am currently sharing my knowledge through many video lessons that I've done breaking down every step required to find the zones, draw the zones correctly and track them through time. These steps will eventually lead to opening trades alongside the big players and profiting just as they do as the retail traders get into drawdowns!

Below is a clip of the lesson that Full Mentorship students have access too! Hope you enjoy it!

Magic Trader

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This is a beautiful concept Prof. I would love to get the full clip

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