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🛢️How did we anticipate the #oil drop?

Take a look at #oil and what do you see? It's dropping hard but how is it that we at White Oak Trading University knew that this was coming? When you look at the #CFTC data it shows that the #institutions are mainly long so why is it dropping?

It all has to do the the Supply and Demand of the institutions. We can't always go by their positions alone especially when they hold such massive size in positions. The key to understanding what we should expect with price is knowing how to interpret both the charts price and the #CFTC data to have a deeper understanding of what is taking place on the larger picture.

On this last weeks #AraujoReport which is provided to members and students only, I detailed what we were to expect from price when we were at the highs. In fact we have known this drop was coming way back when price was still rallying and every week we've detailed the reasoning behind this move taking place.

If you want to learn more and be prepared for moves like this before they take place, have a look at our membership options!

🎩 Magic Trader!

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