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Homework, homework, homework!

ARE YOU DOING YOUR HOMEWORK? Here at the school, homework is REQUIRED in order to graduate to the next level. Homework is ONLY to be done for the CLASSES we are doing LIVE! The LIVE class is always the one highlighted in GREEN! Once a session is completed, the session is uploaded for you to watch and review. At the end of each session the HOMEWORK is provided for you. The homework consists of YOU doing the analysis on your own. This way you gather experience and are able to make mistakes that we can discuss in the next class. Multiple learning opportunities. If you want to practice on your own we have a whole library full of ARCHIVED classes that have been completed. DO NOT SEND US HOMEWORK FROM ARCHIVED CLASSES!

There is not advancement to the next level without you putting in the time required to build your skills in preparation for the new material presents in the levels above you. This is the ONLY way you will understand what is required of you later on. Learning trading in the advanced way we are teaching you requires a slow progression of acquiring skills and understanding. You can NOT skip this process and there is fast track to achieving this understanding. You MUST put in the work and see and learn for yourself. When you get to your next level you’ll FULLY UNDERSTAND why you had to do what you did! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

Kevin Araujo



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