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🎃 Happy Halloween!

How’s it going everyone. As I write to you in preparation for another week I am in my office and listening to some Christmas music. Yes I know a little too early but I can’t help myself. In our home the tradition is the day after Halloween we begin to decorate the house and start watching our Hallmark Christmas movies.

The kids love it and so do my wife and I. This week I had my computer in the shop and I have to bring it back again on Tuesday, hopefully it won’t be any longer than the day to get what I need done.

This evening I’ll be taking the kids out for trick or treating. Not sure what the kids will go as right now but my wife plans to dress up like a Hawaiian dancer. Complete with the coconut bra.

It will be fun, I get a kick just watching the kids enjoying themselves. After the evening out we plan to come back where I will hide the candy and goodies until I can get a chance to look through it and make sure everything is fine.

Then I’ll ration out the candy over the following year. We do this each year so that the kids don’t eat too much sugar at one time. We always try to keep their consumption as low as possible. Some might even have to disappear somehow!

As for the markets they started moving very well and in fact we had a nice move from a supply area on the $EURUSD chart which we had forecasted. Many chart trade signals are being produced. I suspect we’ll continue to see momentum build over the next few weeks and the higher timeframes are about to make a move from all the consolidation it has been producing.

Our Sherlock System has once again been proving its incredible accuracy. Has anybody been looking at $EURAUD lately. Price was in the 1.60’s when we forecasted a drop and now it’s in the 1.53’s.

The Yen pairs still be seem to be setting up and will soon produce chart trade signals. There is no rush so I will continue to track the charts this week. Keep a special eye on the charts listed in the Watchlist in case I don’t have my computer with me this week.

Kevin Araujo



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