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📺📈 Forex Market Outlook 📉📺 March 19th 2020

Good morning fellow traders! Yesterday I recorded some analysis of the #institutional supply/demand and the the current dynamics of the markets. Many traders have reached out to me who are not members of White Oak U and their accounts are getting eaten alive. In the midst of the #Coronavirus pandemic and the many who are not working and not getting paid, the last thing we need is for traders to lose money in the markets.

So we decided to share the Forex Market Outlook session, normally only made available to students, with everyone else in our attempt to help others from incurring further loses and potentially help with future trades for profits.

This is what was covered:

In this outlook session reviewed the massive moves we've experienced lately. We examined the higher timeframe charts on the pairs as this is where most of the large moves pushed price. We then used the cross pairs as a way to gauge what currencies will be strong and weak in the next weeks and months and in the process discovered some potential future trades.

Hope you enjoy and be safe!




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