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Finding Institutional Supply and Demand Zones - SPECIAL Classroom Session!

I am on a quest to create a trading school that teaches people how to trade in a way that has never been done before, with a goal to create top class traders worthy of managing funds on behalf of investors. On my journey of reaching this goal, I have realized that the way to create winning traders is through guided focused sessions where the students and teacher can engage in conversation about the markets on a personal level. This week we have officially launched the "Classroom".

In this weeks class we discussed the very core of what we do here at the school, finding institutional supply and demand zones so that we can determine what the banks and big players in the markets are doing with price. This process is what leads us to finding the institutional trade signals that we will eventually take into our portfolio's.

In honour of the launch of the classroom, I want to share with you the first session we did together and hopefully you'll get something from it and if you want to join in on future class sessions and learn alongside the rest of the community, you can find info on joining right here:

Till next time, enjoy!

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